D avid Van de Vliet was raised in a pastor’s home, in Antwerp Belgium. At the age of ten in a Sunday School taught by his mother, he was challenged about his eternal lot. He prayed and accepted Jesus as Saviour. He had many plans for his own life, however God called him into the ministry.  To prepare he moved half way across the world to Oklahoma City to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College. While learning many things about the Bible, ministry and people’s needs, he also got to meet Tia Smith. After taking counsel, praying and being sure of God’s leadership, they were married in December of 2002, right here in Eugene. After college, Pastor David served in a number of ministry capacities, and in July 2010 he landed in Eugene. He served as lay help, later as Associate Pastor and now is pastoring.

Tia Van de Vliet, was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, into an Air Force family. At the age of six, she moved to Eugene, and was raised between here and Spokane, WA. At the age of fifteen she was saved at family camp, right along side of her step-mom. Having committed her life to do whatever God wanted and under her dads leadership, she moved to Oklahoma City to attend HBBC. And as stated above the romantic part of the story was history (helped along by her vigilance in prayer)

The two of them have been blessed of God with four children, two girls: Chloe and Grace, and two boys: Micah and Noah. They all play a vital role in VBC’s ministry to the Eugene/Spingfield area, and would love to extend that ministry to include you too.